Tuesday, 09 November 2010

Google South Africa's Telephone Number

Are you tired of searching for Google South Africa's contact details? You are pretty sure that their office is on the corner of Main Road and Sloane Street, but more than that, you just don't know. Well, @StewartMoss managed to dig up their telephone number - after first having to call Google UK and Google Kenya! So, directly from the Kenyan horse's mouth, here it is:

Google South Africa's telephone number:
Apparently, according to the receptionist, they "don't accept calls."

So, there you go. You now have a telephone number for Google South Africa. I hope that you have better luck being put through to talk to someone than Stewart did.

Thank you for this information and for calling Google UK, Kenya and South Africa Stewart, you rock!


  1. They absolutely do not take calls from the public. In my case they have listed my companies telephone number next to another Company. I get about 10 to 15 calls a day for this other company.

    The refuse to take calls and referred me to this email address that apparently goes to the same office as the the number you have listed.


    I have mailed them lets see if they respond.

  2. Hi I'm running a google adsense in my blog, I just need to how how I'm I getting paid, I've tried EFT, Western Union and Check payment but it seems none available in south africa can anyone please help.

    Vusi Khoza

  3. well, i was given press@google.com. that doesnt help. it amazes me how big companies don't have contact details of executive mngmt. for eg. get through to customer service and they do not sort out the problem and you can carry on for years. then i go the group holding company directors sec for them to deal with it. any money complaints go to my site put-yourself-out-there.co.nr and i am yet not to get refunded in 10 working days. small claims court tips. all i can suggest is put in a complaint to main google head office. i will tell you the response on my site.

  4. I lost my phone and cant get verification code and that email has important personnal dteails how may i revoke it

  5. Just called 1023 the Telkom directory and apparently in fact its not apparent Google SA is not listed in their directory what BS is this?

  6. Hello can anyone advise if there is a contact details for Google SA

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  10. please can somebody tell me how to proceed????